5 Qualities That Turn Ordinary People Into Extraordinary Heroes

It took me maybe two years, but now the intention of Heroes & Happy Endings is pretty clear. I want to inspire and empower people with my writing to see their greateness, to discover that they are heroes, to inspire them live their happy ending. You can live it now and there’s an infinite number of happy endings for everyone. You know what they say: one door closes, another opens.

Now the question is, who is a hero? The answer is simple. A hero is anyone, for all the good and bad he is. It doesn’t means he already is what he’s fighting for in order to win. It doesn’t mean either that he doesn’t make mistakes or that he doesn’t hurt. In fact, he knows this is a part of his journey and he’s willing to take it anyway.

These are just a couple of qualities that ordinary people develop to become extraordinary heroes:

  1. A Hero Never Stop Dreaming — True hero knows that the world can be a better place and he’s the one making it happen.
  2. A Hero Goes out of His Comfort Zone — Stepping into unfamiliar is always unfomfortable. It can be learning a new skill, talking to a stranger, doing something you’d never done before. A hero does that, because that’s where miracles start to happen.
  3. A Hero Doesn’t Happen by Accident — A hero may be unaware of being a hero, but he’s the one choosing to be one. Being a hero is not something that happens “out of luck”. It’s a choice.
  4. A Hero Gives up Everything in Order to Get Something — Sooner or later every hero must give up something. He gives up his fear in order take another step that he was afraid to take. He stops shouting his truth so that he can let someone else speak. When he does, something new becomes available to him.
  5. A Hero Is Responsible — Real hero isn’t afraid to say that he made a mistake or that he did something wrong. He takes responsibility for what he’s said or done and puts things back in place.
  6. A Hero Is Vulnerable — Every hero has a bad day, too, and when he does, it he won’t hide forever between four walls. Eventually he comes out of his nutshell and lets someone else help him. After all, he may be a hero, but he’s still a human being.

Which quality of a hero inspires you the most?