5 Things That Stop People From Getting Results On Social Media

I have spoken to a number of people about what stops them from getting results on social media and to my surprise, most of the time we are dealing with the same stuff over and over again. Have a look at what are the key things that stop you from getting results on social media. Share in the comments if they apply you to you as well!

1. Not Being In The “Right Mood”

In my mini-Instagram Stories survey, almost 65% replied that they stop posting when they’re not in the right mood. I have to confess I used to be like this as well – and sometimes when I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed, I find it very difficult to post anything. But here’s the thing: I realised that every time I let my “bad” mood come in, I kill an opportunity to share something that has value for people. It’s that simple. Bad mood or providing value? Choose.

2. Staring Vs. Sharing

Nothing is as tempting as to keep staring at other people’s content. While I’m not saying you should unfollow everyone. What I’m saying is that it’s vital that you evaluate how much time you spend looking vs. how much time you dedicate to creating and sharing your own content.

The message is simple: Stop just staring at people’s stuff. Stop looking and consuming content. Start creating your own and share it. If you’re not sharing at least one post (on Instagram or Facebook) per day, people won’t remember you exist. In case you needed the reason.

3. Being A Wallflower

During my courses and consulting with clients, I always say one thing to them. You have to stop being a wallflower at a party sipping your drink and hoping someone will come and admire your dress. Social media is called social for a reason. You have to stop waiting for people to come and engage with you – you have to learn to be outgoing and speak to others.

Now, what should you speak to them about? People think it’s hard to start a conversation. Or they think that you have to say the right thing or a pickup line. Here’s all that you need to do: you need to get interested in them. Ask them questions. It’s as simple as looking at their bio and sending them a direct message asking them to tell you more about what they do. But there’s one thing it’s not going to work without: you have to be real with them. Your questions and comments must be genuine, not phoney. People can smell that miles way through their screens.

4. Keep It Organic To Your Milk & Veggies

Being organic is really cool, especially when it comes to buying your milk and veggies. (In this case it’s even healthy.) But when it comes to keeping it organic on social media, it’s not that helpful anymore. While doing a lot of stuff organically, such as engaging with others, can be useful (see point 3 above), it’s not when you’re building a follower base. The days when you could build a tribe of 10,000 people online (e.i. by putting the effort in) are gone. With the new algorithms only very few people see what you post and you need to get on top of that if you want to build a follower base.

How do you do that? One, you need quality content that has value for people. Value is providing one or more of these: entertainment (and pop-culture – anyone can relate to and “gets” what’s popular), information (important for decision and opinion-making), education (learning new skills or improving at skills), and emotion (it’s a universal language – everyone understands it). Two, you need to be consistent. Three, you need to set a monthly budget for reach and impressions and learn how ads on Facebook and Instagram work. Seriously, relying on organic doesn’t work anymore so stop trying.

Note on the algorithms: 10% of your Instagram Followers and 2% of your Facebook Followers see what you post. If they engage, Instagram and Facebook pushes the content to a few more people but usually you won’t get to more than 50% of your followers to see your content.

5. Expecting Results Overnight

Social media is the source of quick gratification. Therefore, everyone expects results in a few hours, or maybe days. Those who are more patient probably in a few weeks. But anything more than that seems to people like forever. From my experience, kind of thinking has never been beneficial to anyone who was building their profiles and followers base on social media. If you think there’s such a thing as overnight success, you’re wrong. I’ve spoken to startups and companies and the average time it took them to build a brand was 1 to 1.5 a year before the launch and half a year after the launch to go from 0 followers to at least 5,000. And btw, they didn’t rely on any “organic stuff”.

Let me know in the comments which of the challenges you’re facing right now and if you’d like to do something about it, feel free to drop me a line.