About Hana

Who I Am

Hello, I’m Hana and I’m a writer. Jay is not my real surname, but since my real surname is unpronouncable anyway, I won’t even bother writing it down here.

Still, If you’re reading this page, you’re probably interested in my books, events, workshops and coaching about blogging, or in my ideas and opinions, which I want to share with you.

On my blog and in my writing, I believe in honesty and transparency. With these two qualities, I believe it’s possible to write in a fashion that every story can inspire you to live your happy ending, which in fact, is my commitment toward you as my reader.

I currently live in London, and I spend my time working on new short stories and a novel. When I’m not writing, I enjoy running, cooking, baking, drinking coffee and tea, and spending time with my partner Andrej. Occasionally, you can find in me in Prague, Czech Republic (my favorite city in which I lived for a year), and Bratislava, Slovak republic (which is my homeland).

Feel free to drop me a line whaever’s on your mind–I’m always happy to meet someone new, and who knows, you may as well inspire me to create a new book character based on yourself! FYI: An invitation for a cup of coffee could be just enough to get you in my book.

What I Do

I’m a former editor of various online magazines, including a fashion magazine Stajl, which I founded and led as the editor-in-chief for four years before selling the website in 2012. At this time I also wrote about Apple products for MacBlog, the leading Apple magazine in Slovakia, and other online magazines about social media and marketing.

I moved to Prague in late 2013 where I created series of workshops about blogging, which I later brought to Bratislava as well. In summer 2014 I sold another blog, Spring4Sims, an aggregator of the best custom content for The Sims franchise. The site is still running and brings regular revenue to its new owner.

At the moment I offer coaching on blogging that is designed to leave you with a fully working blog in just one month. Occassionaly I do blogging workshops–simply check the dates to drop in.

My fiction writing is turning into a growing collection that you can currently discover exclusively for Kindle Amazon. More releases are due to this year, so stay tuned for updates.

Apart from everything mentioned above, you can find me hosting in Impact HUB Westminster, and working as PR and Content Manager for my client, InnocentStore.

Follow Me

Feel free to follow me on the internet, love me, hate me, stalk me. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and I also invest more time than I should admit at Pinterest. You can also write me at hello@hanajay.com. For media enquiries, please contact me at media@hanajay.com.